cloth roofing material Manufacturers

Libo is a cloth roofing material supplier and manufacturer in China. Our factory provide high quality and durable bulk cloth roofing material cargo for wholesale and buyer. Free sample and customized sample are available. We provide 10 years warranty. If you have large order quantity made in China and want discount or low price, let's discuss and send you quotation for cheaper choice.
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  • stitchbonded roofing fabrics is a stitch-bonded, high-performance fabric for use in cold applied restoration roofing and roof maintenance systems. FABRIC comes with lay lines for one and two ply roof systems. It is ideal as the reinforcing component in cold process roofing and repair when used with water-based asphalt emulsion, acrylic coating,solvent type coatings,or mastics.Tear strength, puncture resistance,and tensile strength combined with elongation.fabric has been shown in tests with asphalt emulsion and cutbacks to be far superior to conventional roofing felts weighing five to seven times as much.FABRIC is a polyester that will readily conform to irregular surfaces and standing seam metal roof decks.It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets.

Buy cloth roofing material from Leebo. Yangzhou Leebo environmental protection material co., ltd. is a Subsidiary of Yangzhou Jianan environmental protection material co., ltd. we have 25 years history, we mainly supply different kinds of cloth roofing material,nonwoven fabric and Waterproof Engineering Service.
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