Composite geomembrane rockfill dam requirements


The power station consists of a composite geomembrane face rockfill dam, a spillway, a spillway, a diversion tunnel and a water diversion and power generation system. Composite geomembrane rockfill dam crest elevation is 15 meters, dam height is 85 meters, dam crest length is 362 meters, dam crest width is 8 meters, upstream dam slope 1:1.6, middle and downstream dam slope 1:1. 8.l-shaped drainage pipe The body is composed of dam cushion material, transition material and bottom drainage pipe area to ensure that the soft rock fill area can maintain the 430m elevation of the river plinth, which is relatively dry in operation.

The soft rock filling rate of power station dams has reached 81%, and the application of its fully crushed soft rock dam technology is currently at the leading level in the world (at this stage, the soft rock filling rate of face rockfill dams at home and abroad is relatively large at 73.4%). Composite geomembrane with lower rock hardness.
Curtain grouting is used for the dam foundation and the left and right banks of the sixth-level power station. The main part of the dam is only covered with a composite geomembrane on the upstream side wall of the dam to prevent seepage. The upper end of the anti-seepage geomembrane has no protection. The composite geomembrane and toe board are stabilized with stainless steel slats, plastics and bolts. At this stage, the dam of the Nanu River cascade 6 hydropower station is the highest dam group in the world. It is completely crushed and the ratio of soft rock used is relatively large. Only geomembrane is used for seepage prevention.
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