The temperature of the composite geomembrane should be suitable for contact with asphalt and other materials

The raw materials used for composite geomembrane should not only take into account the physical and chemical performance indicators specified in the use environment, but also pay special attention to the production cost. In terms of performance indicators, the following aspects are mainly considered:
1.1 Excellent physical and mechanical properties

The working environment of composite geomembrane is harsh. In many cases, they are immersed in water or scattered in high humidity soil. Therefore, they must have excellent resistance to hydrolysis and wet mechanization.

1.2 Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, resistance to hydrolysis, resistance to high and low temperatures
The composite geomembrane should be exposed to sunlight, so they should have corresponding UV resistance performance indexes. When the composite geomembrane touches the asphalt and other materials, the temperature should be applied, and the higher melting should be specified.
1.3 Chemical resistance, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof mildew
Water and soil are very different, some are alkaline, some are acidic, some contain many salts, and some contain various elements, so they must be chemically stable.
1.4 Excellent water permeability
Composite geomembrane needs to have permeability in order to filter and drain, so they must have excellent permeability.
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