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Construction technology of sewing polyester cloth

Sew knit polyester cloth before application and waterproof layer, should check the current status of the roof at the grass-roots level to ensure that the roof with no moisture, no freezing, smooth and clean, no loose grain protrusion, even other blocking some impurities, waterproof system of the cohesive force for don't need the waterproof work must carry on the protection of areas, use brush, broom to clean up the surface dust, Or other loose attachment, for the corner, gap joints, water outlet, out of the pipeline need to apply waterproof system, the need for separate treatment work in advance, the use of a layer of basic coating to add appropriate size of stitched polyester cloth to add a layer of basic coating, Next, I will talk to you about the construction process of sewing polyester cloth to help you have a deeper understanding of sewing polyester cloth.

If you want to sew knit polyester cloth used in roofing, need to put it in the metal roofing first coated with a layer of basic raw materials, and then at the time of its moist degree, stitch length is 15 ~ 20 cm woven polyester fabric embedded in it, and then use basic coating on which the full penetration into the seam inside woven polyester fabric, so that to the extent of the dry, And protrusions in the metal roof, such as fan vents, vents, chimneys and so on.

The sewn polyester cloth needs to be cut in parallel, to the appropriate size and shape, and in accordance with the relevant technical requirements, to cut around the protruding, first coated with a layer of foundation. Lay the cut stitched polyester cloth on the protrusion, then apply paint on it to permeate thoroughly to ensure it is not blistered, and on metal roofing firmware can use 10 cm x 10 cm stitched polyester cloth, same as above.

Gutter lap joints, water inlet and other places with metal roof waterproof system for local waterproof treatment, and then in a larger waterproof range coated with a layer of paint, in its still wet spread stitched polyester cloth, and then from above with slurry fully wetted stitched polyester cloth, as well as dry, at least 12 hours later, and then coated with a layer of slurry. Apply one or two layers of topcoat to the waterproofed area with a total coating rate of 35m2/20l (it is recommended to brush in two batches to keep the total coating rate unchanged). The coating rate of single layer of base coating is 40 m2 /20 l. After each construction, the roller or brush should be cleaned with clean water and soaked until the next construction. The area without waterproof system should be cleaned with clean water immediately.

After reading the above content, readers already know how to waterproof the metal roof structure construction, but also understand how to use sewn polyester cloth, I hope this article can help you.

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