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What makes sewn polyester cloth different

The special breathable performance of stitched polyester cloth ensures the breathable performance of ground waterproof, so that the water vapor produced by the temperature change can be discharged immediately under the ground waterproof, and the bond of ground waterproof and datum is not prone to the harm of water vapor, so as to ensure the lasting service life of ground waterproof.

1. At the end of each project construction, the roller or soft brush must be cleaned with cold water and soaked until the next project construction;
2. Areas that do not need moisture-proof system software should be cleaned with cold water immediately.
3. Special tools for engineering construction
4. Special tools for sewing polyester cloth to remove rural grassroots: moving knife, wood chisel, hammer head, steel brush, broom, towel;
5. Special tool for coating: barrel; It is used for large-scale plan construction of rural base building coating. Soft brush: used for rural base sizing and surface building coatings total area engineering construction;
6. Sewing polyester cloth inspection repair tools: scissors, paper knife: used for the construction of a part of the wall empty drum and wall pipes and other prominent objects.

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