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Geo mat are also called: reinforced pads, reinforced three-dimensional plant net pads, three-dimensional geonet pads, three-dimensional reinforced green pads. Although there are many names, they are essentially the same thing. They are used in highways, railway subgrade protection and mountain bodies. In the slope protection project, the slope slope is divided into rock slope and soil slope, and the reinforced Geomat can exert the effects of reinforcement and greening. As a new type of slope protection, the use of reinforced microphone pads for slope protection can effectively protect the slope from wind, rain and flood erosion. The initial engineering of the reinforced microphone pad can be beneficial to vegetation growth as the vegetation forms. Its main function is to help the grass root system strengthen its ability to resist natural soil erosion.
Flexible protection features of reinforced microphone pads:
1. Flexibility: It can adapt to a certain degree of uneven settlement and deformation of the foundation and the river bed, which is conducive to the long-term stability of the slope.
2. Water permeability: It has good water permeability and promotes the self-purification of water and soil and the growth of vegetation.
3. Environmental affinity: It can be perfectly combined with the surrounding environment to achieve rapid restoration of the ecological environment and natural vegetation. Natural vegetation can be grown soon after the project is completed.

4.Convenience of construction: It can adopt the combination of mechanical and manual construction methods, which has high construction efficiency and is less affected by climate.

W type three-dimensional multifunctional base mat丨Mike drainage mat丨geocomposite drainage mat丨multifunctional football field base mat
The new geotechnical composite drainage pad is a three-dimensional drainage board, which is composed of upper and lower non-woven fabrics combined with a central drainage core board. The drainage core board is made of polypropylene as a raw material through special extrusion to form a "W"-shaped longitudinal full-section continuous drainage channel. Because the channels in the drainage core plate are continuous and linear, the levels of different channels do not interfere with each other, so that the seepage water can pass through at a fast speed, so as to obtain a good drainage effect. The upper and lower composite two-layer non-woven fabrics play a filtering role, so that no particles will enter the drainage channel and block the channel in practical engineering applications, so as to ensure that the soil structure is perfect and does not cause structural deformation or collapse. In projects with special anti-seepage requirements, you can choose to compound a layer of geomembrane to prevent seepage. Therefore, the product actually combines three functions of drainage, filtration, and anti-seepage. It is a typical multifunctional material.

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  • Geocomposites W Model Drain with strong seepage and drainage capacity and good shock absorption effect M-shaped three-dimensional multifunctional base mat 丨 Three layer drainage mat 丨 geocomposite drainage mat 丨 multifunctional football field base mat|Geocomposites M Model Drain

  • In drainage infrastructure such as railways and highways, the Composite drainage pad has a close relationship with the safety and service life of the project and its own drainage system. The drainage network is an important part of the drainage system.

  • composite drainage mat,Drainage composite is made with three dimensional composite by thermobonding a draining core having “W” configuration in extruded monofilaments of minimum thickness 8.0mm-20.0mm, with two filtering UV stabilized polypropylene nonwoven geotextile of minimum thickness 0.75mm and tensile strength 8.0KN/m that will be working as separation or protecting layer.

  • thermobonding three layer drainage: It is a three-dimensional polypropylene mesh pad that forms a w-shaped longitudinal full-section drainage channel through special extrusion and two layers of needle-punched and heat-treated non-woven geotextiles to form anti-filtration, drainage, and protection through thermal bonding. thermobonding three layer drainage structure, where the unit area mass of the drainage core material is 420g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 10%), the unit area mass of the reverse filter layer is 105g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 15%), the longitudinal tensile strength is 14kn / m, 50kpa, hydraulic When the gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.5x10-³㎡ / s, 100kpa. When the hydraulic gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.3x10-³㎡ / s.

  • Sports Field Lawn Drainage Mat, Lawn Drainage Mat, Lawn Drainage System Better field performance and safety for athletes Playground grass drainage mats quickly drain excess rainwater and reduce game time on artificial turf sports fields. Artificial turf sports fields also need to increase the shock absorption layer to protect the athletes. Other solutions in our sports portfolio include drainage-specific applications and surface protection of sports fields during events.

  • Supporting high performing easy to manage green roof systems Green roof components,Green roof drain​ Meeting the highest standards of usability and performance, green roof components support many aspects of establishing and maintaining healthy green roof systems. The range includes multifunctional drainage products, suitable for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roofs, as well as vegetation carriers for sedum mats.

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