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Our woven Polypropylene Weed Barrier Fabric offers great protection from UV rays, unexpected weed growth, and forms of soil erosion prevention. Not only is this product suited for multiple needs, it also comes in multiple sizes as well including. Our weed barrier landscape fabric are as easy to set up and maintain as laying down mulch or throwing down some new gravel. The ground covers are much less messy as well. Our Weed Barrier Fabric covers are water absorptive in order to deflect mildew and rot.

How to choose a suitable weed-proof cloth for farmers, and what are the specific advantages? Here is a detailed explanation. Choosing the right manufacturer is very important. Weed-proof cloth is also called "garden ground cloth", "weed suppression mat", and "grass control cloth". It is a woven plastic woven fabric made of pp or pe material. It has good air permeability, fast water seepage, and is a kind of horticultural and agricultural ground grass cloth for preventing and controlling weed growth. Weed-proof cloth has the advantages of saving labor, cost-saving, and high-efficiency production, and is of great value to modern orchards, especially labor-saving cultivation.

At present, the quality of weed control cloths on the market is uneven. Some use inferior raw materials, the weight is not up to the limit, the service life is low, and the effect of weed control is poor. This not only harms the interests of users, but also disrupts the normal market order. Choosing the products of regular manufacturers is the key.

In most areas, in order to prevent the growth of weeds and prevent plant roots from burrowing out of the ground, blown PE film is generally used as a weed control cloth. Because the PE film is transparent, the sun can shine through the PE film to the weeds under the PE film. Weeds can perform photosynthesis and cannot prevent the growth of weeds. Moreover, this PE film has better sealing performance, poor air permeability, and insufficient water permeability, which makes the water absorption capacity of the plant roots insufficient, which affects the growth of the plant. Poor air permeability and increased temperature may also cause the roots of plants to rot. The following describes the specific advantages of the grass-proof cloth

1. Control weeds
The black horticultural weeding cloth can prevent direct sunlight to the ground. At the same time, its sturdy structure can prevent weeds from passing through the ground cloth and prevent sunlight from shining through the ground weed-control cloth to the weeds below, preventing the weeds from photosynthesis. , So as to ensure the inhibitory effect of the anti-weed cloth on the growth of weeds. Especially in the hilly orchard, the ground is uneven, there are many stones, and it is difficult to achieve such measures as mulching film, growing grass, and artificial weeding. Weeding cloth shows great advantages in controlling weeds. Many studies have shown that laying black gardening weeding cloth between rows of orchards almost completely controls the growth of weeds and has advantages over other chemical or non-chemical weeding methods.


2. Environmental protection
The use of weed-proof cloth can repeatedly use harmful agriculture without using herbicides, and truly achieve the production of green food. At the same time, the product can be recycled to achieve the purpose of waste reduction and environmental protection.

3. Improve nutrient utilization
After laying the grass-proof cloth, the soil moisture of the tree tray can be maintained, the root surface area of the plant is increased, and the nutrient absorption capacity is enhanced. Yin et al. studied the soil nutrient utilization, nutrient content and cost increase and benefits of sweet cherry orchards after laying black ground cloth. The results of the 5-year test showed that the plant N, P, K, Ca, Mg, B, Zn, Mn and Nutrient elements such as Cu are significantly improved. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the supply of fertilizer to cover the plants to ensure the rapid vegetative growth of the plants.

4. Increase crop yield
After the orchard is covered with grass-proof cloth, the soil moisture is guaranteed, the nutrient utilization rate is also greatly improved, and the fruit yield is bound to increase. Studies have shown that covering the weed-weed cloth significantly increases the yield of crops and cash crops such as kiwi fruit, black wolfberry, tea, Greek basil, rosemary, and transplanted Brussels sprouts and broccoli. There are similar conclusions on fruit trees. After covering the weeding cloth, the nutrient element content of apple leaves changes with the different growing seasons; the tree vigor and yield are higher than the treatment without the ground cloth.

5. Maintain soil moisture
Covering the grass-proof cloth prevents the vertical evaporation of soil water, allows the water to migrate horizontally, increases the resistance to water evaporation, and effectively inhibits the ineffective evaporation of soil water. Weeding cloth mulch not only controls weeds but also reduces soil moisture evaporation, while increasing soil moisture.

6. Prevent the loss of water, soil and nitrogen
The loss of soil nitrogen, especially organic nitrogen, is actually the result of the interaction between slope runoff and soil nitrogen. Mountain orchards with larger slopes are prone to surface runoff under the erosion of rainwater, causing serious soil erosion and nitrogen loss. However, slopes with high vegetation coverage greatly reduce soil erosion due to root fixation. By laying horticultural weed-proof cloth, it is possible to avoid direct erosion of the soil by rainwater, maintain water and soil, prevent nitrogen loss, and protect the ecological environment.

Analysis on the cost of weeding with grass-proof cloth cover
Weed-proof cloth has the characteristics of one-time investment and benefits for many years. The initial investment is relatively high. The lack of understanding of the technology and cost limits the promotion of horticultural ground cloth cover technology. Most users only apply it to crops with high efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to compare and analyze the cost of different weeding measures.

Orchard clearing requires a lot of labor
Manual weeding is calculated 4 times a year, with an input of 600 yuan per mu for labor; 230 yuan per mu for mulching; and a total investment of 600 yuan per mu for landscaping with tree tray mulching, which is a lot of investment at a time, but the annual investment is only 120 yuan. They are 17% and 52% of artificial weeding and mulching. The total investment per mu for horticultural ground preparation is 1180 yuan, and the annual investment is 236 yuan, which is 33% of artificial weeding, which is slightly higher than that of mulching. Plastic film mulch is suitable for orchards with flat ground and good soil conditions, and pollutes the environment; manual weeding requires a lot of labor, and with the development of economy and society, labor costs are getting higher and higher. The setting of single-phase line signs makes it in the greenhouse Or when placing flower pots outdoors or arranging cultivation substrates, they can be arranged accurately according to the marking line to improve labor efficiency. Therefore, mulching and artificial weeding are no longer suitable for the development of modern orchard ecology and labor saving. Considering both ecological and economic considerations, weed-control cloth mulching has become the first choice for orchard management under the current situation in my country.

Since the establishment of the factory, our company has been committed to the research and development and production of grass-proof fabrics, and based on the needs of users, through return visits and investigations, we have developed better products after more than ten years. Our grass-proof fabrics have good air permeability, fast water penetration, At the same time, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays, mildew, acid and alkali, has high tear strength and good wear resistance. It has been mass-produced and exported to Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, and is well received by domestic and foreign customers Agree with satisfaction.

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  • composite Weed Barrier Fabric can be used in many fields, like agriculture, garden, paving road and so on. Now it is widely used to prevent the grass grow . Great for seed growth by restraining the weed growth but without holding back the air, sunny, wet etc what the seed plant growth need .

  • Horticulture Weed Barrier,Agriculture weed control,biodegradable weed barrier,strawberry plants weed mat We can offer different sizes per customer requests with good quality. 1, Exceptional weed suppression without spraying,Weaken photosynthesis,suppress weeds groth without using chemicals 2, Outstanding UV resistance – 5 year UV guarantee,Keep the heat in a lower ground level and increase the ground temperature by 3-4℃; 3, Light weight,easy to install,follows natural ground contours 4, Puncture and tear resistant 5, Good water and air permeability,It can be keep the soil moisture , temperature, and stop insects,It is good to keep the fertilizer and water from evaporating, avoid the damage of root and fruit;

  • Applications:Agriculture: Crop Covers, Weed Control Nonwoven Fabric For Agriculture,​Turf protections, Nursery over wintering, Weed Control Fabric, Fruit containers, seedbed, greenhouse cover, garden covers,Weed Control Nonwoven Fabric For Agriculture. Furniture: Sofa & mattress lining, House wrap, disposable table cloth.

  • UV protected weed control fabric Product Description 9-260gsm Eco-friendly PP Agricultural Nonwoven Fabric Anti UV Treated PP Non Woven Crop Row Cover High quality: Stable Uniformity, Adequate Weight; Soft Feeling, Eco Friendly, Recycleable, Breathable; Good Strength and Elongation.

  • Leather Lined Breathable Fabric Supply Ability 10 Ton/tons per Day Sewn fabrics

  • Non Woven Backing Fabric Super Absorbent Mat Supply Ability 600000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month Carpet Tufting Fabric Rug Cloth

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