Roofing fabric

roofing fabric Characteristics
 Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Degradable,Water-resistant, Air permeable,  Excellent property of processing Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Antibacterial, Fire retardant, Compounded,   Laminative Anti-uv,printing, Anti static

 roofing fabric Widely Use
(1)Medical/hygiene:disposable medical product, Disposable bedsheet,Face    mask,Surgical gown, Protective clothes,Operation cover,Cap,Shoe cover,Medical curtains 
(2)Home Textile:Shopping/storage bags,Table cloth/wallpaper,Furniture/spring mattress/filter material,Flower packing material 
(3)Agriculture:Agriculture covers,Crop Protection cloth, Agriculture weed control fabric,Banana protection,Plant/flower cover

(4)Sanitary and Health:Baby&Adult diaper,Feminie hygiene/hygiene pad 

product description
Reinforced polyester cloth is a highly water-permeable and breathable polymer fiber cloth. It is woven by polyester filaments and spinning needle punching. The fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional structure, which has excellent mechanical properties and elongation properties, and is resistant to Excellent biological, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and other chemical properties.

It is not at the same level as ordinary non-woven fabrics on the market. Its unique structure ensures that the waterproof coating can penetrate it well, so that the base coating and the intermediate coating can form a whole, so that the waterproof layer has continuity.

Its unique air permeability ensures the air permeability of the waterproof layer, so that the water vapor formed under the waterproof layer due to temperature changes can be discharged in time, and the adhesion between the waterproof layer and the base surface will not be affected by the water vapor, thus ensuring the waterproof layer The long and durable life.

At the same time, it has good ductility, can effectively resist the tensile force generated by building vibration or cracks, protect the waterproof layer from being damaged, and act in the entire waterproof system as the steel skeleton net laid during the construction of the highway. Played a buffer, tensile and aging resistance.


Product performance:
1. Excellent adaptability, soft and compliant, easily compliant on the substrate, very convenient for construction. 2. Excellent stretchability and followability, effectively adapt to the deformation and cracking of the base surface, and protect the waterproof layer from being damaged.
3. Excellent weather resistance, fatigue resistance, stable physical and chemical functions, long-lasting effectiveness and long life.
4. With excellent water permeability and permeability, it is easy to combine the base layer and the middle layer into a whole to form a seamless waterproof system.
5. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, even under extremely high and low temperature (-55~88℃) environment, still make the waterproof layer have good flexibility.
6. Excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-chemical corrosion and anti-aging properties.


Scope of application: Suitable for waterproof reinforcement of metal structures and concrete structures.

Construction method:
1. Construction preparation
1.1 Prepare reinforced polyester cloth and cutting tools, such as cutting knives, sharpening stones, measuring rulers, cutting models, etc.
1.2 Ensure that the cutting blade is sharp. Take necessary measures for labor protection.
2. Construction technology
Apply a base waterproof coating on the cleaned base surface. When the base waterproof coating is still wet, spread the cut reinforced polyester cloth on the coating. Then apply a base waterproof coating on the surface of the reinforced polyester cloth to allow the coating to fully infiltrate the reinforced polyester cloth to ensure that there is no drum or wrinkle, so that the paint can fully pass through the gaps of the reinforced polyester cloth and combine with the primer Become a seamless whole, even dry.
3. Construction instructions
3.1 Reference amount: The actual amount of consumables depends on the construction conditions and substrate conditions.
3.2 Construction tools: cutting knife, whetstone, measuring rule, cutting model, blender, hard brush (wool brush is not available), scraper, roller, etc. Wash with clean water immediately after construction.
3.3 Construction environment: The suitable temperature for this product is 5℃~45℃ and the humidity is less than 85% for construction. It is not suitable for construction when the environmental conditions are exceeded. Construction is not suitable under severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail. Please pay attention to the weather forecast in advance.

Storage and packaging
Storage method: It can be stored at 5℃~35℃, in a cool, ventilated, dry place, no exposure to sunlight, and no freezing.

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