Geo bag

Geo bag are made by polyester or polypropylene fiber as the raw material, making double sides ironed and pressed needle-punched non-woven geotextile through the spun bonded technology, and then processed to bag with specified dimension, fill soil sand and fertilizer etc, padding into bag according to local climate, form a new product which could restore or create a new ecosystem.

Geo Bags
We are one the well-known manufacturers, suppliers and exporters ofGeo Bags....Geobagsare sand-filled high-strengthgeotextile bagsavailable in the various more..... We are offeringGeobagsNon WovenGeoTextile in various specifications which are used in makingGeo bags.We supply both Polyproplene (PP) and Polyester (PE) madeGeo Bagsand Geo Sheets to Water Resource Dept

We are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons the best quality array of Woven Polyester Geo Bag. Our Geobags for River Banks and Flood Controls have high strength and durability for holding all kinds of sand particles. Geobags are made from Polyester or PP fibre or blend of both as per specification and user requirements. We also provide high tenacity Needle Punch fabric for making Geobags.

Geo Textile Sand Container Geo Bags activities have minimal effect on the fish resources and in-turn also facilitate fishing activities. The overall methodology involves a systematic and multidisciplinary approach.

Advantages of using Geo bags:
Affordable price with global standard specification
Erosion protection work using Geo bags requires less installation and maintenance cost, light weight equipment and less space for construction works.
The constructing materials like sand of geo bag are locally available and cost-effective compared to importing boulders from other countries.
The manufacturing of geo bags and quality control of the bags are easy compared to the C.C. blocks and boulders.


Construction of groynes, breakwaters, dykes
Shore protection
Bed and bank protection
Scour protection
A Polypropylene Multi-filament Woven Geotextile Fabric Container designed for:
Water Flood Protection
River and Coastal Erosion
Development of Bund Wall.


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  • PET nonwoven geotextile geo sand bags|Geobag system for coastal protection​ Geobag system for coastal protection Products: GEOTEXTILE BAGS Geotextile bag is a non-woven geosynthetic material, manufactured by needle-punch method. Having wonderful physical and mechanical qualities (high tensile strength, mechanical damage resistance, acid and aggressive biological environment resistance) geotextile is widely used in civil and road construction, oil-gas area, for domestic needs, melioration and landscape architecture.

  • Geobag with different sizes,pp&PET geobags for dam and slope protection. Ecological bag is a kind of high strength anti-uv anti-freezing and thawing anti-acid and alkali ecological synthetic material, is a new high-tech special material, with high strength anti-uv anti-acid and alkali anti-corrosion anti-freezing and thawing can reach more than 50 years of non-degradation, is the real realization of zero pollution.Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slope.PET geobag​ is a kind of good tool for protecting ecology, because it is resistant to moisture, does not absorb water, does not damage the bag, does not deform, and is insoluble in polluted liquid.

  • Slope protection bags are made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET) as raw materials. Considering the requirements of many disciplines such as material mechanics, hydraulics, biology, botany, etc., the thickness, unit mass, physical and mechanical properties, shape, fiber type, force mode, direction, geometric size, The water permeability and the equivalent pore size of plants have been rigorously screened.

  • The main characteristic of PP geobags. PP geobags has excellent physical and chemical properties, this particular configuration of material can resist ultraviolet ray, is not affected by chemicals in the soil, not happen qualitative or rot, permanent non-biodegradable and can resist pests, anti-aging, non-toxic, resistance to acid and alkali salt erosion and microbial decompose, cannot only permeable through soil, friendly to plants and vegetation greening;

  • Custom RPET Grocery Bag Made of Plastic Bottle Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is one of the famous manufacturers and suppliers of custom RPET grocery bags made from plastic bottles in China.

  • High strength slope protection polyester Packaging & Delivery Selling Units: Single item

Libo Geo bag has 25 years history in China. As a manufacturer and supplier, we offer cheap, high quality and durable products. If wholesale and buyer want quotation for bulk made in China, contact us. We offer free sample and customized Geo bag products. Customers want low price and discount for large order, let us discuss. We can make sure 10 years warranty.
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