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  • An authoritative expert in the field of HDPE geomembrane - Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. Today, we will introduce to you the effect of HDPE geomembrane on landfill leachate. Our series of high-quality products represented by Waterproof geomembrane have become industry models, and buyers from all over the world are welcome to wholesale and buy.


  • Shopping bags are essential for consumers, it is convenient to use. For shopping malls, the cost of shopping bags is also relatively low, thus,shopping bags are very popular with the public. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping bags of different materials?


  • Your old friend Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. will tell you today what are the reasons for the damage of HDPE geomembrane? Our Geomembrane products are a great choice for you.


  • Yangzhou Libo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. has been focusing on research and production of reliable geosynthetic gasket products and systems for many years.(China shopping bag)


  • Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. tells you today about the application of HDPE geomembrane in landfills! Our 1.5mm hdpe geomembrane sheet products have become the industry leader with excellent production technology and good reputation. HDPE geomembrane is mainly divided into two types: rough and smooth. The rough surface geomembrane surface has a larger friction factor, and the cost is more expensive than that of the smooth surface.


  • Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. provides you with high-quality Waterproof geomembrane products! In canal anti-seepage and water-saving transformation projects, geomembrane, an anti-seepage material, has been used more and more widely.


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