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Shopping bags of different materials and their advantages and disadvantages

Shopping bags are essential for consumers, it is convenient to use. For shopping malls, the cost of shopping bags is also relatively low. Thus,shopping bags are very popular with the public. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping bags of different materials? 
shopping bags
1. Plastic shopping bags
Their advantages are that they can be used to hold dry things or liquids, they are easy to carry, and the texture is light and thin.Thickened large vest shopping bags with handles are very large and can hold a lot of things. The disadvantages of plastic shopping bags are that they are easily scratched and cannot withstand high temperatures.

2. Cloth shopping bags
They also have many advantages, such as being very wear-resistant and durable. Enterprises can print samples on it to bring good publicity to the brand. No matter what industry it is, they can be used without any restrictions, such as going shopping, going to the supermarket, ect.. This kind of bags has a high reuse rate, and even if it is broken, it can be cut and made into other items. The disadvantage is that it cannot hold liquids.

3. Paper shopping bags
Their advantage is that it is environment-friendly and recyclable. When plastic bags were not widely used, people on the market used cloth shopping bags and paper shopping bags. Although paper bags are very limited in terms of the items they can hold, they are very displayable. They are simpler and faster for manufacturers in terms of printing patterns and production. They can be mass-produced without too high-end and advanced machinery. The disadvantage is that it is fragile. Except for DuPont paper, pure paper shopping bags are not as good as plastic bags and cloth bags in terms of load-bearing. In addition, paper shopping bags are easily damaged by water, so paper shopping bags are suitable for holding light and dry items.

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