Concrete engineering construction operation of anti-seepage geomembrane

The anti-seepage geomembrane is made according to national standards and special requirements. It has the advantage of being different from the general impermeable membrane. Naturally, it faces climate interference. The unique engineering construction scheme of the anti-seepage geomembrane can increase the service life of the special film to around ten years, which is basically close to the service life of the cement pool.
In this sense, the integration of high-quality special membranes and scientific engineering construction methods is a prerequisite for enhancing the promotion of special membranes. The application and promotion of this method not only greatly reduces the cost. In addition, everyone will show you special construction guidance.

Anti-seepage geomembrane has gradually been widely used. Everyone also introduced in detail the construction operations of many impermeable membranes. With the continuous expansion of the application range of everyone's products, everyone's users are constantly improving. Recently, many new users have introduced to you the specific construction methods of anti-seepage geomembrane. Next, everyone will introduce you in detail again:

1. It should extend from the bottom to a high place, do not pull too tightly, and leave a 1.5% capacity to facilitate local sinking. Taking full account of the actual situation of the project, the slope will be laid from top to bottom.
2. Two adjacent longitudinal joints should not be on the horizontal line, and should be staggered by more than 1m;
3. The distance between the longitudinal reinforcement and the dam foot and bent foot should be greater than 1.50 meters, and should be set on a flat surface.
4. The bottom of the site behind the slope; when laying the slope, the direction of the film should be basically parallel to the slope line.
Everyone must follow the instructions to correctly complete the specific construction work of the anti-seepage geomembrane. Only in this way can the performance be fully demonstrated. If you do not know the application of anti-seepage geomembrane, please feel free to contact us.
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