Is there a difference in the life span of colored geomembrane and black geomembrane?

As we all know, the main equipment for geomembrane production in my country is divided into two types: laminating machine and blown film machine. Of course, the equipment will become more and more advanced, and the produced geomembrane will be greatly improved in terms of visual, physical and chemical indicators. So how are the blue and green waterproof geomembrane processed? In theory, when the design is actually used, it will usually be designed as black and green or black and blue. In addition, in some cases both sides are colored. Used for special projects. Here, we call them black green and black blue. If only two sides of the same color waterproof film are produced, the laminator can do it. Whether the black-green or black-blue waterproof film is produced, it needs to be blown on the equipment for processing. Special masterbatch and UV-resistant carbon black are added during the production process, which has excellent durability.

How long can the colored geomembrane be used?

Usually, it is designed to close or temporarily close landfills, garbage dumps. If it is black and green waterproof membrane, it includes black waterproof membrane with carbon black and green waterproof membrane. The green side should be placed on the cover; if it is black and blue waterproof membrane, the same. The edge is looking up. Why is the colored side up? Because it is used for temporary closure, blue and green represent aesthetics, not green vegetation. It will be too high so that it will not produce more wrinkles, it will be more durable and last longer. Of course, the blue and green geomembrane is processed by a special masterbatch, which will not fade. Because it is exposed to the sun, it will not cause the base to evaporate too quickly and will not cause cracks due to high temperature.

What is the price per meter of black-green and black-blue geomembrane?

In fact, the two are not calculated based on the cost of one meter, but measured based on one square meter. The price of color waterproof membrane is higher than that of ordinary black waterproof membrane. We use 0.8mm thick specifications. According to the current market situation, the ex-factory price of the color waterproof membrane is about 10,200 per ton. First, we calculated that the weight of the 0.8mm geomembrane was 760 grams, multiplied by the ex-factory price of tons, the unit price of the black-green and black-blue geomembrane of this specification was 7.8 yuan/square meter. Of course, the instability of raw materials will cause their unit prices to rise or fall.
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