The construction of composite geomembrane should be leveled

The key to ensure the anti-seepage of composite geomembrane lies in the integrity and tightness of the placed materials. When constructing composite geomembrane, you need to smooth the surface of the base layer excellently. After the welding construction is completed, the construction quality inspection will be strengthened, and the damage will be repaired in time.

In the construction of the composite geomembrane of the artificial landscape lake, the construction quality control of the composite geomembrane joint is very important, and climate and environmental factors can easily affect the quality of weld construction. If the welding temperature is not properly controlled, the composite geomembrane will burn out, or false welding will occur during the welding process. Therefore, the quality control of the welded structure should be strengthened. According to the results of the weld construction test, the climate environment and the actual situation of the weld surface, the weld construction parameters are optimized and adjusted. During the welding process and within 2 hours after the completion of the welding, the welding surface must not bear any stress to prevent the welding surface from shifting. After the joint weld structure is completed, a department will be organized to check the quality of the weld structure. Test methods can be divided into non-destructive testing and destructive testing. Among them, the non-destructive test methods include vacuum test, electric spark test and inflation test, while the destructive test is to control the welding resistance. The construction unit and supervision unit can be arranged to sample the construction site, and then sent to a third-party organization for testing and analysis.

(1) In the near-horizontal area, during the construction of the composite geomembrane, swelling quality problems may occur, and the gas in the soil under the impermeable layer will concentrate on the swelling. Therefore, it is usually necessary to discharge the gas in time from above.

(2) Minimize the number of joints of the composite geomembrane, especially the horizontal joints on the dam slope.

(3) When laying the protective layer, care should be taken to avoid being damaged by sharp objects. It is strictly forbidden for construction personnel or vehicles to damage the waterproof layer.

When constructing the impermeable layer, the contact part between the building and the rigid body must be properly manipulated below the water level. If not handled properly, it will cause the water flow channel and even damage the pipeline. Therefore, special measures must be taken to avoid concentrated leakage. When transporting building materials on site, care should be taken to avoid mechanical collisions, stay away from heat sources, and handle them to avoid stab wounds or impact on the composite geotextile.
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