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Libo is a 100 polyester supplier and manufacturer in China. Our factory provide high quality and durable bulk 100 polyester cargo for wholesale and buyer. Free sample and customized sample are available. We provide 10 years warranty. If you have large order quantity made in China and want discount or low price, let's discuss and send you quotation for cheaper choice.
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  • polyester/rpet polyester fabric for paper pulp are mainly used in paper making, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, ceramics and solid-liquid separation industries like sludge dehydration.

  • Stitchbond polyester for bag lining Pet stitchbond fabrics is widely use for different kind of shopping bags, laminated by opp film, printing, dyeing. width from 10 cm to 215 cm wide, to meet customer requirements. weights between 60 and 300g 1. Roof waterproof lining fabric-environmentally friendly, breathable, tear-resistant, complete size specifications. 2. Shopping bags-made of 90% recyclable materials, passed SGS heavy metal testing and various European and American standards. 3. Carpet second fabric is made of 90% recycled materials from plastic bottles, economical and environmentally friendly. Other uses: Mainly used for lining, luggage packaging, mattress packaging and other daily necessities, as well as building composite material stitchbond fabric, roof waterproof roll Material stitchbond fabric etc.

  • Most of the stitchbonding roofing fabric are caused by cracks due to water leakage in some houses. Whether it is roof waterproofing or indoor waterproofing, most of them choose high elastic and flexible waterproof coatings for construction. The purpose is to better ensure that the waterproof layer is not easy to crack. However, due to the long-term impact of the weather or the structure of the house on the roof, the waterproof layer will crack within a certain period of time, causing water leakage.

  • white polyester fabric characteristics: bright colors, bright appearance, smooth and comfortable touch, gloss, performance are close to mulberry silk. Compared with cotton, linen and other natural fabrics, chiffon fabrics have better breathability and resilience, are less prone to static electricity and hair balls, and are comfortable to skin.

  • r-pet polyester fabric uses recycled environmentally friendly fiber raw materials recovered from Cola bottles. After recycling the Cola bottles into pieces, it is processed through spinning. It can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is more than polyester fiber produced by conventional processes. Nearly 80% of energy. Commonly known as r-pet polyester fabric.

Buy 100 polyester from Leebo. Yangzhou Leebo environmental protection material co., ltd. is a Subsidiary of Yangzhou Jianan environmental protection material co., ltd. we have 25 years history, we mainly supply different kinds of 100 polyester,nonwoven fabric and Waterproof Engineering Service.