HDPE composite geomembrane has excellent physical properties

High-density HDPE composite geomembrane is a waterproof raw material made of geotextile and geomembrane composite materials. It is favored by buyers because of its excellent characteristics. What are the factors that affect the permeability of high-density HDPE composite geomembrane?

1. Sandstone and other building materials around the drainage layer have a great influence on the hydraulic conductivity of the composite geomembrane during the entire construction process. During the construction of the laying project, it is often necessary to detect and test the surrounding environment at the site. Before construction preparation, the main parameters of the raw materials should be accurately grasped to see if they fully meet the relevant requirements.

2. The heavy raw materials cannot be placed on the composite geomembrane to avoid damage to the raw materials, but the pressure it can bear is an important technical indicator of its hydraulic conductivity.
In addition to the excellent water conductivity, the high-density HDPE composite geomembrane has other outstanding characteristics:
1. Excellent physical properties
The working site of the composite geomembrane is poor. Usually, it is immersed in water or spread in a high-humidity soil environment. The composite geomembrane has excellent hydrolysis resistance and mechanical properties of the wetland network.
2. UV resistance and hydrolysis resistance
The high temperature resistant composite geomembrane should be exposed under the sun, so it should have corresponding UV resistance. When the composite geomembrane touches raw materials such as asphalt, it should meet a relatively high temperature and melting point.
3. Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
Water and soil environments are quite different, some are alkaline, some are acidic, some contain more salts, and some contain various elements, so they are chemically stable.
High-density HDPE composite geomembrane is welcomed by buyers because of its excellent characteristics. As buyers, we must remain vigilant and choose products with guaranteed quality when purchasing.

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