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The choice of reinforced polyester cloth for roof waterproof additional layer


In the design of roof waterproof structure, due to the consideration of structural deformation, temperature deformation, shrinkage deformation, vibration and other influencing factors, it is necessary to take the key to deformable parts such as deformation joints, partition joints, roof ridges, cornices, gutters, water downs, entrances and exits. An additional reinforcement layer is provided on the site. Use Guoerjia reinforced polyester cloth to enhance the ability of the waterproof layer to resist damage and aging locally, so that the entire waterproof layer will age simultaneously.
The material for the additional layer can be the same material as the waterproof layer for one or more layers, or other waterproof materials can be used for reinforcement. Generally, where additional reinforcement layer is needed, the shape of the base layer is more complicated, so it is better to use waterproof coating or sealing material to brush or scrape.

Frequent rain washing, severe walking wear, large local deformation, and other parts that are prone to aging and damage, such as gutters, eaves, cornices, around water pipe mouths, under and around equipment, passages between entrances and exits to facilities, underground buildings and tank bottoms At the junction with the main wall, deformation joints, etc., a certain thickness of paint reinforcement layer can be used or 1 to 2 layers of reinforced polyester cloth can be added. The additional thickness depends on the severity of possible damage and the grade of waterproof material used in a large area.

Places where structural deformations are concentrated, such as plate end joints, gutter and roof junctions, deformation joints, flooding at the junction of planes and elevations, pipes passing through the waterproof layer, etc., in addition to the requirements to adopt sealing materials for caulking joints, but also Reinforce the empty layup. The width of the empty layup depends on the elongation and tensile strength of the material. Generally, it is selected between 100mm and 300mm. Reinforcing polyester roofing fabric is your good choice.

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