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Advantages of smooth HDPE geomembrane:


The polyethylene geomembrane has the dual functions of waterproofing and preventing plant roots from penetrating. It can withstand the puncture of plant roots and maintain the waterproof function for a long time. It can form a high-strength waterproof layer, has strong resistance to pressurized water, and is resistant to puncture, cracking, tearing, and fatigue. The tensile strength is high, the thickness of the modified asphalt coating is large, and the adaptability to the shrinkage deformation and cracking of the base layer is strong. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, suitable for hot and cold areas. The hot-melt construction method is convenient for construction and the hot joints are reliable and durable. Geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material with high impermeability coefficient and good heat resistance and cold resistance at the same time. Its use environment temperature is high temperature 110℃ and low temperature -70℃. Geomembrane has good chemical stability, can resist strong acids and alkalis, and its high tensile strength can meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects. Geomembrane has strong weather resistance and anti-aging performance for a long time to maintain its original strength. HDPE geomembrane is your good choice.

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