The welding quality of composite geomembrane is the core

Before the composite geomembrane paving, prepare the construction organization and formulate, explain the paving method and technical measures, and apply it after the supervisor's permission. The construction personnel must wear flat shoes or soft rubber shoes for paving. It is strictly forbidden to wear spiked shoes to prevent stepping on the geomembrane and increase the paving pressure; the paving of the composite geomembrane should match the paving of the protective layer.

The welding quality of composite geomembrane is the core of splicing, and joint inspection should be enhanced. Measurement methods include visual inspection and on-site leak detection. Visual inspection method: After the composite geomembrane is welded, observe whether there are missing joints, burns, wrinkles, and whether the splicing is symmetrical. There are two kinds of field leak testing: ①Inflation method. There are two welds leaving a cavity of about 10 mm between them. Insert air needles on both sides of the part to be tested for airtightness and inflate to zero.

O5MPa-0.20MPa, check the vacuum gauge for 0.5 minutes, if the air pressure does not drop, it means that there is no leakage and the welding meets the standard; otherwise, find out the reason and repair it immediately; ②Water injection method. There are two welds, leaving a cavity of about 10 mm between the two welds. One end of the tested section is sealed, and the other end is inserted with a water needle, and filled with water of 0.05~0.20 MPa. If there is no water leak in the cavity, it means that the welding is up to the standard, otherwise, be sure to find the cause and repair it immediately. Compared with the aeration method, the water filling method has the following advantages: ① intuitive and easy to find problems in time; ② the equipment is simple and easy to operate, and it is convenient to carry out inspections and random inspections on the spot. In view of the above advantages, this project uses the water injection method to check the welding quality. After the self-inspection meets the standard, submit it to the supervisory unit, the quality inspection department and Party A to conduct a joint sampling inspection, and implement the verification visa piece by piece. Welded joints and missing welds should be repaired immediately, and the repaired welds should be filled with water to carry out the experiment, and the next process can be carried out after the inspection and acceptance meet the standard.
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