The function of the anti-seepage geomembrane roll film casing connection device

The anti-seepage geomembrane coil pipe connection device is used to connect the new and new membranes and the new and old membranes of the engineering anti-seepage system to block the leakage channels established by the unstable connection between the new and new membranes and the new and old membranes to improve the anti-seepage geotechnical Deformation adaptability and anti-seepage level of membrane joints, prevent and control common defects of project anti-seepage quality, improve project quality, ease office environment, and reduce project cost. Compared with the current process, this product has a more obvious effect.

In this device, the inner tube is used to clamp the impermeable geomembrane and rotate, and the outer tube is used to fix the sleeve of the outer wall to tighten the inner tube of the impermeable geomembrane. By rotating, the inner tube and the two layers of film wrapped by the outer wall are filled and clamped in the outer tube, so that the two layers of film are tightly squeezed together, and the anti-seepage level is improved very well. This type of rotary extrusion method has no damage to the old membrane with severely reduced physical and mechanical indicators, and can be popularized and applied in expansion projects with anti-seepage regulations to ensure the construction quality of the expansion project reasonably and effectively.

This device eliminates the problem that the gap between the new membrane and the new membrane and the old membrane becomes the main leakage channel, innovates the construction technology, and improves the waterproof and anti-seepage level at the junction of the new membrane and the new membrane, and the new membrane and the old membrane. Significantly improved the quality of the project. In addition, the device prevents the irritating and harmful gas caused by the melting process of the plastic film in the traditional welding method, the boiling process of the glue stick in the bonding method, and the evaporation of liquid glue to the human body and environmental pollution; at the same time, the operator has no The severe noise pollution caused by the on-site connection of generators greatly eases the office environment and maintains the occupational health rights of operators. It is a green construction technology that complies with the current engineering environmental protection regulations, and has a broad application and development prospect.
The pipe fittings applied by the device are convenient to purchase, easy to produce and process, and can be transported to the construction site after centralized production and processing in the factory. It has the advantages of convenient installation, convenient construction and good tightening effect. This product has a clear principle, simple construction technology, no bonding facilities, no centralized training for operators, and easy marketing and promotion. It is especially suitable for large-scale operations of water conservancy projects. The device reasonably and effectively solves the connection problem of anti-seepage geomembrane that needs to be solved urgently in the field of hydraulic engineering construction, and has good economic and social benefits.
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