polyester roofing fabric Manufacturers

Libo is a polyester roofing fabric supplier and manufacturer in China. Our factory provide high quality and durable bulk polyester roofing fabric cargo for wholesale and buyer. Free sample and customized sample are available. We provide 10 years warranty. If you have large order quantity made in China and want discount or low price, let's discuss and send you quotation for cheaper choice.
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  • reinforcing polyester roofing fabric,Reinforced polyester fabric plays a key role in the entire waterproofing system.Enhance the tensile strength (the thermal expansion and contraction of the entire waterproof system -50 ° ~ 88 °)

  • 100gsm stitchbond roofing fabric,stitch-bonded fabric Bag mattress furniture carpet lingiing fabric coating pret stitch-bond non woven roofing Non-woven are environmentally friendly products which directly uses polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form a new fiber product with soft, permeable and planar structure through various web forming methods and consolidation techniques.

  • rpet roofing fabric,Wall cloth is also called "wall cloth". Paper wall coverings. Cotton cloth is used as the base cloth, and the base cloth is printed or embossed with relief. It is also woven with jacquard. The patterns used are mostly geometric figures and floral patterns.

  • stitchbond polyester fabric,Polyester artificial silk fabric; a polyester fabric with a silk appearance style woven from polyester filaments or short-fiber yarns with round and irregular cross-sections, which has the advantages of low price, anti-wrinkle and ironing, and is very popular with consumers.

Buy polyester roofing fabric from Leebo. Yangzhou Leebo environmental protection material co., ltd. is a Subsidiary of Yangzhou Jianan environmental protection material co., ltd. we have 25 years history, we mainly supply different kinds of polyester roofing fabric,nonwoven fabric and Waterproof Engineering Service.