White rpet stitchbond fabric

White rpet stitchbond fabric

white rpet stitchbond fabric,Stitched Nonwoven Materials are made by joining fibres into the fabric 1. Composition:100% Polyester Stitch Bond Fabric 2. Weight:65gsm-300gsm 3. Process of Production : Stitch bond

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Product Description

White rpet stitchbond fabric|Stitched Nonwoven Materials are made by joining fibres into the fabric
 1.   Composition:100% Polyester Stitch Bond Fabric
 2.   Weight:65gsm-300gsm
 3.   Process of Production : Stitch bond
 4.   Needles: 14needles, 18needles, 22needles
 5.   Width: 2.8m/3m/3.3m (can be split )
 6.   Thickness: 0.3—2.2MM 
 7.   Color: black, white, grey, beige ...
 8.  Texture: Soft, Stiff
 9.   Special treatment: Dye, Printed ,laminated , Fire resistance, coating
10.  MOQ : 1000KGS

white rpet stitchbond fabric|Strictly follow the production process:

1.Raw material inspection: Length, Fineness, Intensity,Elongation, Oil length.
2.The technical team confirms the quality of raw material.
 ⇓ start prodution
3.Appearance inspection: Defect spot, Break stitch. Use visual observation and touch detection.
4.Production line inspection (Repeat three times): Weight, Thickness, Width. 
 ⇓ complete production
5.Laboratory Detection: Weight, Thickness , Width, CD Intensity and Elongation, MD Intensity and Elongation, Bursting Strength,Etc.

white rpet stitchbond fabric,APPLICATION

Shoe materials and accessories: insole, lining, props, etc 

Luggage lining, environmental shopping bags, gift bags 

Mattress cloth, home mattress, sofa lining, wallpaper, table cover

Waterproof materials for engineering buildings and roofs 

Industrial filter material, automobile interior, Window blinds 

Curtain cloth, carpet, printing packaging and medical aspects

shoe insole --- 75-180gsm

shopping bag lining --- 80-130gsm

printed carpet --- 180-300gsm

shoe interlining --- 65-120gsm

mattress interlining --- 80-120gsm

sofa coating/covering --- 100-150gsm

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