Geomembrane must follow the layout principles commonly used in water conservancy construction

In order to effectively improve the construction quality of composite geomembrane, construction quality control must be done. Generally speaking, quality control must be ensured from two aspects. One is to ensure the quality of raw materials, and the other is to ensure the quality of the construction process.

Geomembrane must follow the layout principles commonly used in water conservancy construction.

1. Quality control of raw materials: When purchasing composite geomembrane, materials produced by ordinary manufacturers should be selected. When purchasing, a professional should be assigned to conduct an on-site inspection before purchasing. In the material procurement process, we must have a procurement team and a supervision team to carry out effective procurement supervision. After the purchase is completed, the transportation and storage of the materials must be fully guaranteed to ensure that the materials will not be damaged due to other reasons and to shorten the storage time and loading and unloading time of the materials as much as possible. And will conduct material performance testing before use. To this end, the relevant professional quality inspection department can be entrusted to conduct experimental evaluation, and sample inspection can be used to ensure that the entire batch of materials is qualified.

2. Quality control in the construction process: When laying composite geomembrane, the laying principles usually used in water conservancy construction should be followed, and construction should be carried out step by step to effectively prevent damage to the material caused by stress concentration in a short time and fully guarantee the material The ideality. Deformability After construction on the same day, in order to effectively protect the remaining unbuilt parts and prevent the material from being damaged due to bad weather or other factors, soft materials such as sandbags can be used to temporarily fix the composite geomembrane. After rebuilding, you can proceed to the next step.
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