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  • composite drainage mat,Drainage composite is made with three dimensional composite by thermobonding a draining core having “W” configuration in extruded monofilaments of minimum thickness 8.0mm-20.0mm, with two filtering UV stabilized polypropylene nonwoven geotextile of minimum thickness 0.75mm and tensile strength 8.0KN/m that will be working as separation or protecting layer.

  • thermobonding three layer drainage: It is a three-dimensional polypropylene mesh pad that forms a w-shaped longitudinal full-section drainage channel through special extrusion and two layers of needle-punched and heat-treated non-woven geotextiles to form anti-filtration, drainage, and protection through thermal bonding. thermobonding three layer drainage structure, where the unit area mass of the drainage core material is 420g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 10%), the unit area mass of the reverse filter layer is 105g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 15%), the longitudinal tensile strength is 14kn / m, 50kpa, hydraulic When the gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.5x10-³㎡ / s, 100kpa. When the hydraulic gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.3x10-³㎡ / s.

  • Geosynthetic clay liner is composed of high dilatability of sodium base bentonite filling between the special composite geotextile and nonwoven fabric, made by the method of acupuncture or suture composite impervious material.

  • Geocomposite drainage net for drainage system The composite drainage net (also known as three-dimensional geotechnical drainage board, tunnel drainage water board, and drainage water board) is composed of a three-dimensional plastic net with double-sided bonding water-permeable geotextile, which can replace the traditional sand and gravel layer, and is mainly used for garbage filling Drainage of buried sites, roadbeds and inner walls of tunnels.​

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