Waterproof geotextile is a necessary anti-seepage material for farmland irrigation

When we choose farmland anti-seepage materials, we usually use relatively single anti-seepage materials such as rockfill and concrete. However, the choice of this material cannot achieve the effect of farmland anti-seepage work as expected, and its durability is relatively poor. However, in recent years, China has also made new developments in the development of impermeable materials, and a new impermeable composite material-waterproof geotextile has emerged.

Impermeable geotextile (composite geotextile) is an impermeable material of geotextile composited with a plastic film as an impermeable base material, and its impermeability mainly depends on the impermeability of the plastic film. The service life of the impermeable geotextile mainly depends on whether the plastic film will lose its anti-seepage and water-proof function. According to the Soviet national standard, a polyethylene film with a thickness of 0.2m and a stabilizer for hydraulics can be used under clear water conditions. It is 40-50 years, and the service life under sewage conditions is 30-40 years. Therefore, the service life of the composite geomembrane is sufficient to meet the service life of the reservoir anti-seepage requirement.

There are many advantages to using waterproof geotextiles for seepage prevention in farmland water conservancy projects.

1. Utilize the good air permeability and water permeability of geotextiles to allow water to pass through and effectively capture sediment loss

2. Geotextile has good water conductivity, which can form a drainage channel inside the soil to discharge the excess liquid and gas in the soil structure.

3. Use geotextiles to enhance the tensile strength and anti-deformation ability of the soil, enhance the stability of the building structure, and improve the quality of the soil.

4. Effectively diffuse concentrated stress, transfer or decompose, and prevent soil from being damaged by external forces.

5. Prevent the upper and lower layers of sand, gravel, soil and concrete from crowding.

6. The mesh is not easy to be blocked-the network structure formed by the amorphous fibrous tissue has strain and movement.

7. High water permeability-even under the pressure of soil water can maintain good water permeability.

8. Corrosion resistance-using chemical fibers such as acrylic and polyester as raw materials, it is acid and alkali resistant, non-corrosive, non-worm, and anti-oxidation.

9. Simple construction-light weight, easy to use, simple construction. Tensile geotextiles are characterized by high puncture strength, large friction coefficient, good anti-aging performance, wide ambient temperature range, and excellent drainage resistance.

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