Three dimensional drainage mat Manufacturers

Libo is a Three dimensional drainage mat supplier and manufacturer in China. Our factory provide high quality and durable bulk Three dimensional drainage mat cargo for wholesale and buyer. Free sample and customized sample are available. We provide 10 years warranty. If you have large order quantity made in China and want discount or low price, let's discuss and send you quotation for cheaper choice.
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  • thermobonding three layer drainage: It is a three-dimensional polypropylene mesh pad that forms a w-shaped longitudinal full-section drainage channel through special extrusion and two layers of needle-punched and heat-treated non-woven geotextiles to form anti-filtration, drainage, and protection through thermal bonding. thermobonding three layer drainage structure, where the unit area mass of the drainage core material is 420g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 10%), the unit area mass of the reverse filter layer is 105g / ㎡ (tolerance ± 15%), the longitudinal tensile strength is 14kn / m, 50kpa, hydraulic When the gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.5x10-³㎡ / s, 100kpa. When the hydraulic gradient i = 1, the plane water flow is 1.3x10-³㎡ / s.

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