The key use of impermeable geomembrane

Impermeable geomembrane is made according to national standards and special requirements, and it has advantages different from ordinary impermeable membranes. Of course, it is affected by the climate, just like the impermeable membrane of Dianchi Lake, everyone's Dianchi Lake. The special construction plan of the anti-seepage membrane can extend the service life of the special membrane of Dianchi Lake to about 10 years, which is basically close to the service life of the cement pond.

Impermeable geomembrane has gradually been widely used. Everyone also explained in detail many key construction uses of anti-seepage geomembrane. With the continuous development of the application scope of our products, our users are also continuously improving. Recently, many new users have explained in detail the key construction methods of anti-seepage geomembrane. Today, everyone will explain to you again:

1. It needs to be widened from the bottom to the high place, and it is not necessary to stretch it too tightly. It is necessary to reserve 1.5% of the capacity to facilitate partial downward movement. Taking into account the actual situation of the project, the slope will be laid from top to bottom.
2. Two adjacent longitudinal seams should not be on the horizontal line, and should be separated by more than 1m;
3. The distance between the longitudinal steel bars and the dam foot and the bent foot should exceed 1.50 meters and should be set on the plan.
4. The bottom of the site behind the slope; when laying a steep slope, the orientation of the film should be basically parallel to the steep slope line.
Everyone must properly complete the key construction tasks of the impermeable membrane according to the instructions. Only in this way can the characteristics be fully demonstrated. If you are not sure about the application of the impermeable membrane, please contact us in time.

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