Welding composite geomembrane with special welding facilities

The welding quality of the composite geomembrane directly affects the anti-seepage characteristics of the composite geomembrane, so the construction of the geomembrane welding is very important. In this project, the welding of composite geomembrane is usually carried out on the spot by the manufacturer sending professional construction technicians.

Carry out guidance and training, and apply special welding facilities to weld composite geomembrane. According to the local weather conditions at that time, the welding equipment was adjusted to the best working condition. Do a small sample welding test, test welding lm long composite geomembrane sample. The samples should be torn on the spot, the welds should not be damaged by tearing, and the base material should not be torn. After the on-the-spot tearing test reaches the standard, use the film welding machine that has adjusted the working state to start the formal welding one by one.

Before welding, use a blower to remove sand, dirt and other dirt on the surface of the film to ensure that the surface of the film is clean. Place a long wooden board under the welding position to facilitate the welder to walk on the flat base surface to ensure welding quality. Before the formal welding, carry out trial welding according to the construction temperature, determine the walking speed and welding temperature, usually grasp the walking speed of 1.5-2.5m/s and the welding temperature of 220-300℃. There are two splicing welds with a width of 100 mm, with a cavity of 100 mm between the two welds. Use this cavity to check welding quality. The on-site connection of composite geomembrane should meet the following requirements: ① Double-weld lap welding should be used for welding. ②Usually, the welding tool is a special film welding machine. (3) According to temperature and raw material characteristics, timely adjust and control the operating temperature and strapping of the welding machine. The operating temperature of the welding machine should be 180-200 degrees Celsius.

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