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The effect of HDPE geomembrane on highway pavement


With the growth of the service life of expressways, problems such as network cracks, grooves, and cracks have appeared. It not only affects the stability and comfort of the car, but also causes surface water to penetrate into the road base and weaken the bearing capacity of the road base. Over time, it will cause road surface settlement, deformation, cracking and other problems. In order to solve the problem of pavement cracks, current engineering practice shows that laying a layer of geotextile between the pavement structure surface and the asphalt mixture cover can effectively reduce the occurrence of ground cracks.
In highway engineering, the main function principles of geotextile are:
1) Reduce the adhesion between the surface layer of the pavement structure and the asphalt overlay.
2) Expand the range of force.  HDPE geomembrane expands the stress due to its ductility.
3) Anti-seepage and water-proof layer. The use of geotextile can prevent ground water from penetrating into the base of the road structure, thereby protecting the base of the road.
On the basis of the above-mentioned excellent performance, geosynthetic materials such as geotextiles, geomembranes, and geogrids are widely used in the repair of road pavement cracks and the transformation of new and old pavements.Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. produces quality HDPE geomembrane.

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