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Analysis and test characteristics of HDPE geomembrane


Laying HDPE geomembrane is the most important part of the anti-seepage system. The quality of the geomembrane itself and the quality of welding construction directly affect the success or failure of the entire anti-seepage project. High-quality HDPE geomembrane can not only reduce the possibility of damage to the geomembrane, but also ensure the anti-seepage period of the landfill.
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Today, Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. will focus on the characteristics of HDPE geomembrane analysis and testing:
1. Obvious temperature effect
2. The moisture sensitivity of polyolefin geomembrane is relatively weak, and other types of geomembrane have different moisture sensitivity with different moisture absorption properties.
3. Time effect is obvious-creep and relaxation
4. Obvious influence on deformation speed
5. The unrestricted geomembrane has a high strain rate and a large plastic zone. As the degree of restriction increases, the strain rate decreases. Restricted products: different forms of rough surface geomembrane, composite membrane, reinforced geomembrane.
6. The test results are polydisperse
The degree of performance dispersion along the width direction is greater than the performance along the production direction, but the overall performance uniformity is higher than that of other geosynthetics.
7. There are anisotropic properties, but the degree is lower than that of geosynthetics such as geogrids
8. The strength of stress cracking performance mainly depends on the raw material resin. We produce high quality Environmental smooth fish farm pond liner hdpe geomembrane liner.

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