How to do the overlap construction of adjacent composite geomembrane

When overlapping adjacent composite geomembranes, first expose the geotextile at the joints, sew adjacent geotextiles to the bottom layer, and then fit the welding edges of the two membrane layers together. The width of the flap is 150mm. The middle layer of the composite geomembrane is welded together, and then the quality of the welded structure is checked. After the inspection, the upper geomembrane can be sewn.

In the construction of composite geomembrane welding, there are two commonly used welding equipment, namely hot wedge welding machine and extrusion welding electrode welding machine. In the composite geomembrane welding construction of this project, an extrusion welding machine was used. Before welding, clean up debris. After the welding is completed, clean the dust and dirt on the joint to ensure the quality of the welded structure. In addition, before welding the building, test welding should be carried out according to the ambient temperature of the construction site, and the walking speed and the temperature of the welding equipment should be adjusted.

The operating speed of the welding machine should be controlled between 1.50-2.50 m/s, and the welding temperature should be controlled between 210C and 300C. In the two types of welded structures, a certain length of block should be placed in the weld, the splicing platform of the composite geomembrane. Thorough inspection of the wood board to ensure that the surface of the wood board is smooth and avoid piercing the composite geomembrane, thus laying the foundation for the quality control of the welded structure. If there is dust, water stains or other debris on the welding surface of the composite geomembrane, a small motor should be used to clean the air to ensure that the surface of the composite geomembrane is clean and flat.

In the composite geomembrane welding construction, the professional skills of the welding construction personnel are required to be high, and the welding construction personnel must have a welding operation certificate. During the welding construction process, the operating conditions of the welding machine are monitored and analyzed, and the welding speed and temperature are optimized and adjusted according to the actual conditions of the construction site. For the welding position, care must be taken to avoid moisture, precipitation, etc. If there is residue, please clean it before soldering. In the construction of geomembrane laying, if splicing and extension are required, transverse seam welding should be carried out first, and then longitudinal seam welding should be carried out. The two adjacent layers of the composite geomembrane require staggered joint and folded plate structures. In terms of weld seam control, it is necessary to clean up the appearance to avoid problems such as staggered weld seams, overlap and jump. If there is welding slag in the weld, it must be polished to ensure the quality of the weld structure.
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