Geomembrane is widely used for waterproofing the outer layer of dams and reservoirs

The most important feature of geomembrane as an anti-seepage material is that it has a good anti-seepage effect. Therefore, it is widely used for external waterproofing of dams, reservoirs and other projects. Moreover, the construction technology is simple, the requirements are not high, the cost is low, and the waterproof effect is good. Therefore, most of the water-saving projects in my country are geomembrane. In addition, because the geomembrane material itself has good mechanical properties, the application of geomembrane materials to the construction of water conservancy projects can improve the mechanical properties and internal structure of the dam, thereby improving the quality of construction.

When the soil is plastically deformed, the geomembrane material will also experience some plastic deformation. When the embankment bears a certain tensile stress, because the geomembrane material has a certain tensile strength, it can reduce the tensile stress of the embankment and prevent the embankment itself from being subjected to excessive pressure to cause cracks. There is a relative displacement between the composite geomembrane and the core of the wall, which reduces the relative displacement of the upper shell of the dam and has a certain inhibitory effect on the horizontal displacement of the dam. The principle is that the tensile strength of the geomembrane plays a role.

In addition, if the geomembrane is not used as an anti-seepage material for anti-seepage treatment, the side of the dam facing the water flow will allow part of the water flow to penetrate into the internal structure of the dam due to infiltration. The characteristics of the dam material itself greatly reduce the impact resistance of the dam, because the water flowing into the dam will loosen the internal structure of the dam and lose its original mechanical properties. Therefore, the use of geomembrane as an impermeable material can improve the quality of the project and the impermeability of the dam.
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