Strictly control the quality to ensure the anti-seepage effect of the geomembrane on the roadbed

In order to ensure the effect of applying waterproof geomembrane on the roadbed, the construction quality must be strictly controlled.

1. Do a good job in quality inspection. For the impermeable geomembrane used on site, random sampling will be used to inspect the quality of each batch of purchased samples, and unqualified impermeable geomembranes will be eliminated.

2. Prepare the layout drawing of the construction unit and the construction work instruction before construction. The design of the construction organization and the construction operation instruction should conform to the characteristics of road construction, and include two specific contents: one is the construction method, and the other is the focus of construction "5" quality control. In addition, it should be ensured that the technical clarification is gradually completed.

. Three. Test the welding of the waterproof geomembrane before construction. The manufacturer sends technicians to introduce the performance characteristics of the climbing welding machine to the construction personnel in detail, so that the construction personnel can flexibly carry out the construction according to the walking speed and welding temperature during the construction process.

. Four. Check the welding quality of the waterproof geomembrane. During the construction process, the welding problem of the waterproof geomembrane should be discovered in time, and the damaged geomembrane should be repaired. There are two inspection methods for on-site inspection, one is visual inspection and the other is inflation inspection. To be safe, please use the first test method, and then use the second test method. Visual inspection, that is, check the integrity of the weld, if the joints are missing, burned, wrinkled and uneven width of the cavity, attention should be paid. The inflation test is to close the two ends of the weld to be tested, inflate with an air needle between 0.1MPa and 0.15MPa according to the standard, and check the pressure value of the pressure gauge for 60s.

5. Sampling the damage and location of the joints during the construction process to ensure the integrity and integrity of the entire process.
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