Master the use parameters of geomembrane and purchase geomembrane suitable for engineering projects

In order to ensure the smooth progress of construction, all employees involved in the purchase of geomembrane must be made aware of the use of geomembrane parameters, understand the geomembrane consistent with the project, and understand what specific requirements should be met after the geomembrane is shipped to the construction site by the manufacturer It is necessary to organize experts to check the quality of the geomembrane, confirm that it meets the previously agreed parameter requirements, and extract a certain number of geomembrane as samples for experiments to further determine the operating state of the geomembrane in use. The person in charge of the configuration protects the product, and everyone is responsible to improve the sense of responsibility of the employees.

The geomembranes used in this project are all domestic brands. The relevant quality parameters have been tested and inspected by experts on site to meet the construction requirements. The geomembranes will enter the site. After all inspections, they will be placed in a professional storage area for personnel to manage and register. The manufacturer’s technicians and project quality inspectors took the lead in setting up a geomembrane construction group to be responsible for the inspection and protection of the overall geomembrane laying of the construction section. In order to further ensure that all employees involved in the geomembrane construction process have the necessary work skills, prior to the official start of the project construction, technical exchanges will be carried out with all personnel involved in the relevant projects, and the corresponding quality management system and work managers shall be established throughout the process In the entire management process, the project quality of each regional phased link is the responsibility of professionals. When any quality problems occur, they are directly responsible to the relevant person in charge. In order to further ensure that the construction process of the geomembrane conforms to the actual situation, experts are organized to determine the construction area, review each material field, submit the review results to the supervision department for inspection, and propose the cleaning of the warehouse surface and the excavation of the earthwork, as well as the subsequent filling and repair of the embankment. Incline.
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