When buying geomembrane, what should we pay attention to?

Geotextiles are widely used, but in order to meet the needs of various projects, the specifications of geotextiles are also increasing. As a result, many people who don’t know will choose to buy geotextiles such as clothes, but they don’t know their code and are not allowed to test. So, how should the specifications of geomembrane be selected in actual engineering applications?

If you really don’t understand or don’t understand, please pay attention to two points: do you follow the designer’s request or the on-site technician’s suggestion. These two points are safer methods. Of course, if you can only do it yourself, don't make the thickness thinner or narrow the width.

If you choose arbitrarily, the geomembrane specifications may not meet the standard or meet the actual engineering requirements. Reluctant use of geomembrane will bring certain difficulties to the constructor and affect the progress of the actual project construction. As a result, I can't stand it anymore.

Three points to pay attention to when buying geomembrane

When buying geomembrane, we should not be careless in other aspects except the standard. Mainly need to pay attention to the following three points.

1. When choosing a geomembrane, if you can choose a thick geomembrane, please do not use a thin geomembrane. Compared with thin geotextiles, thick geotextiles not only have good tensile strength and compression resistance, but also have good barrier and protection effects in use.

2. Try to choose domestic geomembrane. Non-standard geotextiles are inferior to domestic geotextiles in all aspects, so they are particularly excellent in strength, puncture resistance and durability.

3. Please try to choose a wide geotextile. This can reduce the number of welding and stitching of geotextiles during construction, so the construction progress can be greatly improved.
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