After the composite geomembrane construction is completed, is it necessary to backfill and cover it?

After laying and connecting the composite geomembrane, immediately (within 48 hours) backfill the sand gravel or earth material protective layer. 7 days after the concrete foundation of the slope is poured, the dry block stone on the slope can be constructed. During this period, the slope gravel protective layer must be properly protected, and necessary measures must be taken, such as laying linoleum and other similar materials for protection, to prevent direct sunlight from the composite geomembrane and rainwater from washing the gravel protective layer.

The earth bulldozing material on the slope can be manually transported, and it can be covered by the backward method. The discharge height of the earth material must be restricted. Lightweight compaction is allowed, and no heavy objects or vibration compaction are allowed. Artificial materials are used for the gravel protection layer of the slope. Avoid mechanical handling and damage the laid composite geomembrane.

Practical protective measures should be taken when laying dry stone to prevent damage to the composite geomembrane.

Through the investigation and cause analysis of the disease risk, combined with the actual situation of the construction materials and construction conditions of the project and the treatment experience of similar projects, after technical and economic comparison of multiple schemes, a composite geomembrane was selected to treat the leakage of the earth dam. Maintenance plan, the project design plan has been implemented in the project construction. Because of the good anti-seepage effect of geomembrane, it is widely used in the national large, medium and small reservoirs to remove danger and strengthen projects, and is well received.
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