What is the basis for selecting raw materials for composite geomembrane

Geotextiles have various uses, and they have different functions in different applications. It can be used in transportation, water conservancy projects, natural environment, coastal engineering, etc. It has nine functions: drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement design, tension balance, corrosion control, stress scattering, screening, and outer packaging.

Different applications have different physical property requirements for geotextiles. In addition, geotextiles should also have chemical properties. For each specific engineering project, certain technical standards should be formulated accordingly.

First, excellent physical and mechanical properties
Geotextile has a harsh working environment. In many cases, the composite geomembrane is immersed in water or placed in high humidity soil, so it has excellent resistance to hydrolysis and wet mechanical properties.
Second, good water absorption
Both types of geotextiles must penetrate and drain, so they have excellent water absorption.
Third, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance
Water and soil are particularly different, some are alkaline, some are acidic, some have more salts, and some have various elements, so they have chemical stability.
Fourth, UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance
When exposed to the sun, the geotextile should have a corresponding level of UV resistance; when the composite composite geomembrane touches raw materials such as asphalt, it should meet the temperature and have a higher melting point requirement.
Geotextile is made up of two or more kinds of functions, different types of geotextile and other raw materials. The composite material can be spunbond or needle punched nonwoven fabric, fabric, polyethylene film, plastic mesh. There are two main types of production methods for plastic pipes: (1) mechanical methods: application of needle punching and sewing technology; (2) hot melt bonding method: application of ultrasonic bonding and hot rolling bonding technology. Composite composite geomembrane is widely used in China. They are composite geomembrane and plastic drainage pipes, which can be used as pits under soft soil and foundations, reinforced embankments, roadside drainage, drainage under bridges and retaining walls, sealing layers of pools, waste treatment tanks and traditional Replacement of sandstone drainage system.

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