How to repair the damage of composite geomembrane

Composite geomembrane has been purchased for a whole day, how can we repair the damaged image at this time? At this time, Bian Xiao gave a very simple answer to the expertise of such places. In the future, if the composite geomembrane is damaged, everyone will not have many adverse effects on the now completely damaged goods.

At that time, the sign was dismantled in the first step, and then repaired according to laying and heating. Connect the geotextile to repair the damaged area. When you are overhauling, the overhauled small piece is at least 200 mm wider than the edge without the composite geomembrane. During the entire connection process, strict operation is avoided to ensure that the connection is comparable and the appearance is not often damaged. I believe that based on the answer to the little editor, you have a new understanding of the expertise in such places. However, if such products are slightly damaged, there is no need for maintenance.

Geotextile is a permeable mixture of mixed fibers made by needle punching or weaving, but in the whole process of application, what is the reason why they will not affect its water conductivity? What keeps us in front of us? do you know? When it comes to its negative infection, many people still do not know that it is unscientific.
One thing we can understand is that the adverse effects of cardboard conditions are due to the obvious adverse effects of cardboard on the robustness of the watering material. Therefore, in the envisaged practice, it is not the opposite of the composite geomembrane.
The second type is load reverse infection, which refers to the expected pressure on the surface of the product under the construction conditions of a specific project. What should you know in the previous detailed introduction? There are various equivalent products here. In the whole process of adoption, you may be very satisfied with your use of rebuttal, existence, etc. Come buy everyone's composite geomembrane and look forward to its arrival. Your coming.
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