Anti-seepage geomembrane manufacturers have successfully reduced landfill leachate

The anti-seepage geomembrane is made according to national standards and special requirements. Geomembrane manufacturers can increase the service life of Dianchi special membranes to around ten years. It has the advantage of being different from the general anti-seepage geomembrane, usually close to cement.
Naturally, it will face the interference of climate, just like the anti-seepage geomembrane of Dianchi Lake. The close integration of high-quality feature films and scientific practices is a prerequisite for the promotion of Dianchi feature films. Our Dianchi Lake special anti-seepage geomembrane construction plan.

In order to better reduce the infiltration of rainwater and other external water into the garbage dump, the geomembrane manufacturer has now completed the stage goal of reducing landfill leachate. Systematically release and collect the smell and flammable gas at the upper end of the landfill.

Anti-seepage geomembrane manufacturers supply surfaces that can beautify to prevent surface runoff from facing pollution, prevent waste from spreading and direct contact with humans and animals. Provide soil layers for vegetation growth and development to promote the reuse of landfills.
Because of the strong properties of polymers, impermeable membranes often face significant interference from the surrounding environment. They are always exposed to harmful toxic liquids and gases for a long time. Research ideas and evaluation methods are also difficult problems that must be clearly identified in durability studies. Crystalline polymer anti-seepage geomembrane (such as high-density polyethylene) is not easy to age. Therefore, it is a basic problem to study its service life. Amorphous thermoplastic polymers such as polyvinyl chloride are very easy to age.
The impermeable membrane has high swelling and high water absorption, and has low water permeability when wet. The location and structure of the ground layer of high-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane is 1: 3 cement mortar leveling layer. The permanent protection wall dial is leveled with 1: 3 cement mortar, and the high-density polyethylene impervious geomembrane permanent protection wall dial is leveled with 1: 3 cement mortar. When wet, the water permeability is low, because of its excellent quality, it is mainly used as an anti-seepage effect.
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