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Application of HDPE Geomembrane in Landfill


Yangzhou Leebo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. tells you today about the application of HDPE geomembrane in landfills!
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HDPE geomembrane is mainly divided into two types: rough and smooth.
The rough surface geomembrane surface has a larger friction factor, and the cost is more expensive than that of the smooth surface. It is mainly suitable for slope surfaces, has strong stability, and can effectively prevent landslides;
The smooth geomembrane has a small friction coefficient and is cheap. It is mainly used for the bottom of the landfill, which is economical and practical.
The specific application of HDPE geomembrane at the bottom of the landfill can be divided into two categories, single-layer or double-layer HDPE geomembrane. The anti-seepage structure of a single group of HDPE geomembrane is mainly composed of HDPE single-layer membrane and other types of anti-seepage materials to form the bottom surface of the landfill. This anti-seepage structure is very simple and requires less cost. It is mainly suitable for water level. Partial landfills that are lower and have less leachate that is not toxic.
HDPE geomembrane is an important anti-seepage layer in landfill engineering. Because the HDPE film itself has poor puncture resistance, during the construction process, it is necessary to ensure that the landfill is flat, and the surface of the landfill must be cleaned, and some sharp objects such as stones or branches must be removed first. In construction, the specific paving method used by HDPE film can be mechanical paving and manual paving. Starting from the slope, then to the foundation, the HDPE film is rolled and laid according to the basic principle of high first and then low. Usually, thermal welding is used, and test welding before welding is required. The welding rod used for installing HDPE film must be the same as that used for HDPE geomembrane. When laying geotextile, try to avoid tearing, etc., so as to effectively ensure HDPE The normal anti-seepage effect of the geomembrane. 

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