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Significance of Waterproof geomembrane in the process of canal seepage prevention


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In canal anti-seepage and water-saving transformation projects, geomembrane, an anti-seepage material, has been used more and more widely. Compared with traditional anti-seepage methods, the use of geomembrane as the main anti-seepage layer can not only effectively meet the anti-seepage purpose of the project, but also because of its convenient construction and material characteristics, it makes it possible to save water, repair and rebuild and strengthen. It also has good performance.
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At present, in geomembrane engineering projects, the most important role is to prevent leakage. Compared with other types of waterproof materials, geomembrane has the best anti-seepage performance, and the anti-permeability of the geomembrane itself is its most important The role of.
The use of geomembrane as an anti-seepage technology is seldom used in the south of our country, but it has been widely adopted in the north. At the same time, with the continuous innovation of geomembrane product technology, more and more application scenarios have been used, such as landfills, tailings dams, aquaculture, brine evaporation ponds, drinking water reservoirs, etc.

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