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The construction plan of the smooth HDPE geomembrane


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Film welding method
1. The welding temperature, speed and pressure are determined after experiments and inspections.
2. The welding should be stopped when the ambient temperature is too high or too low.
3. The welding rod is the same as the membrane material.
4. Every piece of oilfield impermeable membrane is welded on the day of laying.
5. The edge of the upper impermeable membrane at the weld should be polished to an inclination angle of 45° to improve the welding quality of the weld.
6. When hot-melt welding, the overlap width is not less than 15 cm.
7. The thickness of the weld should not be less than 1.2 times the thickness of the film.
8. At the edges of the folds, cut the wrinkles of the cracks to ensure flat overlap. When squeezing the cut part of welding crack or wrinkle, the overlap should not be less than 10 cm.
9. Cross lap joints should be avoided, and T-shaped staggered welding should be used.
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