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Construction method of Waterproof geomembrane


The construction process of waterproof geotextile, the substrate must be firm, flat, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, release agent, etc. and other debris; if there are pores, cracks, unequal defects on the base surface, it must be repaired with cement mortar in advance For smoothing, it is recommended to paste plastic strips on the expansion joints, and a layer of non-woven fabric should be added to the nodes. It is recommended to use Leibangshi nozzle grouting material for the filling of the nozzle; · The male and female corners should be wiped into an arc (or V shape); ·Ensure that the base surface is fully moist, but there is no clear water; the newly poured concrete surface (including the plastered surface) should be allowed to dry completely before construction.
During construction, first use sand or clay with a smaller material diameter to level the base surface, and then lay the geomembrane. The geomembrane should not be stretched too tightly, and the part buried in the soil at both ends is corrugated, and finally a layer of about 10cm is laid on the geomembrane with fine sand or clay. Lay 20-30cm blocks of stone (or concrete prefabricated blocks) as a protective layer against erosion. During construction, every effort should be made to avoid stones directly hitting the geomembrane. It is best to construct the protective layer while laying the membrane. The connection between the composite geomembrane and the surrounding structures should be anchored by expansion bolts and steel plate battens, and the connection part should be coated with emulsified asphalt (2mm thick) to prevent leakage.

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