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Application range and characteristics of Slope protection bag


Slope protection bag is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET) made of double-sided ironing needle punched non-woven fabrics. Under the premise of fully considering the requirements of many disciplines such as material mechanics, hydraulics, biology, botany, etc., the thickness, unit mass, physical and mechanical properties, shape, fiber type, force mode, direction, geometric size and The water permeability and the equivalent pore size to meet plant growth have been strictly screened. It has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet (UV), anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustible, and non-extension of cracks, and truly achieves zero pollution. Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slopes. Eco-bag slope protection and greening is one of the important construction methods in barren hills, mine restoration, highway slope greening, river bank slope protection, and inland river improvement.
The oasis eco-bag has excellent physical and chemical properties. This specially formulated material can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays, is not affected by chemical substances in the soil, will not undergo qualitative change or decay, is permanently non-degradable, and can resist the erosion and resistance of insect pests. Aging, non-toxic, resistant to acid, alkali and salt erosion and microbial decomposition, only permeable to water and impermeable to soil, friendly to plants and greening; as the latest slope component material, Slope protection bag is your good choice.

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