Impermeable geomembrane has excellent rigidity and stretchability


The anti-seepage geomembrane has the function of strengthening project construction. In a sense, the widespread use of anti-seepage geomembrane in irrigation protection has the potential to reduce the impact of disasters on project construction. Impermeable geomembrane is an impermeable coating made of polymer and asphalt. Current impermeable geotextiles include polypropylene PE, PVC plastic and bituminous glass window cloth linings. It has been pointed out that in some embodiments, only the seams of the impermeable geotextile are thoroughly inspected to ensure engineering materials. The impermeable channels in the membrane material can generally increase the number of infiltration casualties by 90% to 95%. Excessive corrosion of construction foundation. The anti-seepage geomembrane has strong deformability. 

It has excellent stiffness and elongation, and the impermeable geomembrane has strain resistance, so it has strong adaptability to deformation caused by abnormal high temperature, frost expansion and uneven root subduction.

Impermeable Geomembrane
This ensures the quietness of the project construction. Geotextiles are specially designed for southern frost, and the surrounding urban areas are wider and the effect is magnificent. Strong rust resistance and firmness. The impermeable geotextile has excellent anti-microbial interference and life-threatening effects, and is usually not affected by alkali, alkali and bacterial weathering, especially corrosive hydrogeological conditions and environments. Used in urban salting. It is said that the ant’s nest destroyed a thousand miles of embankment. The use of impermeable geomembrane in today's very important technology has also effectively changed this situation.
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