Geomembrane is a product that can prevent road cracks

Products such as geomembrane are usually laid under and above the asphalt pavement to prevent road cracks. This is usually divided into three conditions. One is to place the geotextile between the semi-rigid bottom layer and the asphalt, and the other is to place the geotextile between the semi-rigid bottom layer and the asphalt. The geomembrane is laid between the cement concrete pavement and the asphalt pavement, and the third layer is the geomembrane between the old asphalt pavement and the asphalt pavement.
If the geomembrane is placed between the lower layer of the sidewalk and the asphalt layer, the fixed geomembrane during this period will increase the strength of all walkways and limit the cracks on the pavement, which mainly depends on its own strength. I can do it. Its important role is to limit the formation and growth of cracks. The geomembrane is described in detail in the following aspects: when cracks appear in the foundation layer, the geomembrane can relieve stress, and the cracks will not be reflected in the surface.

The geomembrane has enough strength to prevent the bottom layer from piercing the small holes and damaging or destroying the strength of the board. The super strength of the geomembrane ensures that the sharp objects on the bottom layer will not pierce. The elongation of underwear and geomembrane is very low, so the cracks in the lower layer have a limited effect.

When the geomembrane is combined with the asphalt laid on the ground, it has an excellent waterproof effect and can prevent road cracks. After rainwater seeped into the lower layer of the geomembrane manufacturer, the growth of the cracks accelerated. Since its construction, Yangzhou Bojun Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. in the geomembrane textile industry has cooperated with many builders to send geotextiles for building materials. In terms of high-quality geotechnical materials and dedicated service, we have won the trust and appreciation of the majority of builders.
While enjoying a good reputation, it will gradually improve its service system, continue to solve regional and technical problems, and solve various problems encountered in the basic process of geotextiles. Cooperating with various small enterprises, in order to achieve our goal of always pursuing mutual benefit, the future is an era of green and energy saving, and the price of geomembrane has been on pace, innovation, progress and pace. We believe that we can help our customers get the most profit.
Geotextile has a good filter and can be used as a barrier layer. The effect of geomembrane barrier layer has been used in many customer projects. Geomembrane barriers for railways, highways, airports, various runways, water conservancy projects, and environmental beautification projects have been applied.
Geotextile barrier layer.
The geotextile itself has high strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance and strong strain ability. Geomembranes are divided into textiles and non-woven products, which can be used as barrier layers for geomembranes. The thickness of the barrier layer depends on the structural requirements. Depends on filament nonwoven geomembrane.
Geomembrane prevents problems at this level.
Sediment is the main problem of the geomembrane barrier layer, especially in the construction of some water-saving projects, the residual particle size of impurities in the water in the geomembrane fiber network will cause blockage over time. The problem has arisen, the geomembrane has appeared anti-filtration and isolation characteristics. disappear..
Aging is also one of the problems of geotextile barrier layer. The forces of nature will gradually age the geotextile barrier layer. Geomembrane has different anti-aging capabilities, depending on the product construction technology, raw data and anti-aging processing skills. We encourage customers to choose high-standard and cost-effective geomembrane.
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