Composite geomembrane should be properly stored

In many reservoirs, composite geomembrane uses plastic (thermoplastic polymer), rubber (thermosetting polymer) and composite geotechnical mechanics, but currently my country still widely uses geotechnical mechanics and composite geotechnical mechanics.
For the anti-seepage structure of the geomembrane in cold areas that have been in contact with water for a long time, thermal insulation lining can also be used, that is, an insulation interlayer is provided between the geomembrane and the protective surface. Insulation interlayer materials include rigid polystyrene foam board, pumice stone, ceramsite perlite, silica shale, etc. The use of polystyrene foam board as the thermal insulation slope protection material of the earth-rock dam and the thermal insulation lining of the large channel in our province has achieved good results.

The foundation cushion material must not contain sharp dirt and gravel. The construction team should inspect the machine sand at any time and any place on the site, and find the unqualified material as waste liquid and remove it on the platform.

The composite geomembrane pavement should be properly relaxed to integrate into the deformation to prevent the destruction of stress and human factors. In order to avoid wind damage, all composite geomembrane should be pressed with sandbags or flexible suspension materials during paving until the thickness of the protective layer is completed. Safety personnel are not allowed to wear hard-soled leather shoes and spiked leather shoes. It is forbidden to immediately unload the prefabricated building block of concrete slope protection on the geotechnical platform. It is forbidden to beat geotechnical and any engineering construction safety operations that will damage the raw materials. In the engineering drawings, the method of geomembrane collage and the length of the reinforcement bond should be considered, and the wrinkling should be set according to the engineering drawings.
The composite geomembrane should be properly stored to prevent rain and direct sunlight. Before assembling, the bonding surface must be cleaned. There should be no oil or dust on the bonding surface. Keep the steel lap surface clean and dry.
After the composite geomembrane is assembled and paved, immediately backfill (within 47h). When the thickness of the cover layer of the backfill is greater than 30cm layer by layer, light rolling is allowed, but super heavy or vibration rolling cannot be used.

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