Before selecting the anti-seepage geomembrane, the order purpose should be established

When selecting the anti-seepage geomembrane, we must first establish our ordering purpose, for which place and what function is required for ordering the geomembrane. Knowing this, we can reasonably and effectively reduce the selection category. In the final analysis, geomembrane can be applied in different places. Functional differences may not be helpful for everyone to choose.
Consider the price range you can accept. Before shopping, everyone will have an affordable price in mind. Knowing this price, we can further reduce the procurement scale based on the price.

After the realization of the above two items, the order scope has been greatly reduced. In this category, if there is a brand geomembrane, we can order directly. If not, the quality should be properly compared.

The selection of anti-seepage geomembrane should start from three levels: mechanical performance, connectivity and economy. Differences in geomembrane manufacturers must have small gaps in various aspects, but such small gaps will bring different effects. For example, in mechanics, the difference in friction coefficient will affect the sliding stability between the contact surface and the thin film protective layer.
The anti-seepage geomembrane has two forms: single desert and composite membrane. Considering the efficiency and economy of geomembrane, the mechanical properties of the composite membrane are far superior to the single membrane. The damage strain of the composite membrane is not as great as that of the single membrane, but it is still much larger than that of the soil. Geomembrane manufacturers cannot produce perfect geomembrane at once. Inevitably, there will be some disadvantages. However, the geomembrane can play the role of backwash water to maintain the stability of the protective layer.

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