Anti-seepage geomembrane has high flexibility

The anti-seepage geomembrane is a kind of milky white translucent to opaque thermoplastic resin. The anti-seepage geomembrane is a kind of non-toxic, odorless and odorless white polymer particles with a melting point of 110-130℃ and a relative density of 0.918-0.965. It has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. Excellent chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, excellent tensile strength, excellent resistance to natural environmental stress cracking and tear resistance, with the increase in density, the mechanical properties and barrier properties will be correspondingly improved, heat resistance The resistance and tensile strength are also higher; it is resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
Characteristics of anti-seepage geomembrane:

1. High anti-seepage coefficient-anti-seepage geomembrane has the incomparable anti-seepage effect of ordinary waterproof materials. High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane has high elongation physical properties. Its excellent elasticity and deformation level make it more suitable for the expansion or contraction of the substrate surface layer, and can reasonably overcome the uneven decrease of the substrate surface layer. Water vapor permeability coefficient k<=1.0*10-13gcm/cm2spa.

2. Chemical stability performance-The anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent chemical stability performance and is widely used in wastewater treatment, chemical change tanks and garbage disposal sites. High and low temperature resistance, asphalt resistance, oil resistance, coal tar resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, etc. more than 80 kinds of strong acid and strong alkali chemical substances
3. Anti-aging characteristics-The anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-decomposition levels, can be applied naked, and the material can be used for 50-70 years, providing excellent material safety for natural environment anti-seepage Guarantee
4. Plant root system-high-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent puncture resistance and can resist most plant root systems
5. The high tensile strength impermeable geomembrane has excellent tensile strength, the tensile strength at break is 28MP, and the elongation at break is 700%
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