Causes of odors on the membrane

I don’t know if you have noticed that when you apply an impermeable membrane, you can often smell the odor formed by the impermeable membrane. Many friends who do not know this matter will think that the geomembrane is broken. In fact, the stench emitted by the impermeable membrane is for a reason.

Why do impermeable membranes form odor? This is because the temperature of the extruder or the temperature of the resin is too high, causing the taste decomposition of the resin to be too large, and the oxygen-containing groups on the surface of the resin are oxidized to form the taste of the composite film. The extruded composite film has a taste; the bottom coating uses a high boiling point, non-volatile solvent, which causes the composite film to have a taste.

The solution is to moderately reduce the extrusion temperature to avoid resin decomposition; use low-flavor resin for extrusion compounding to increase the drying temperature of the drying tunnel; increase the blowing volume to ensure that the solvent is fully dried. In the construction process of the impermeable membrane, according to the appropriate construction method, everyone's geomembrane can fully exert its effect.
It is normal to have a smell on the impermeable membrane. People don't need to care too much when choosing. As long as we can grasp the quality when selecting the geomembrane, we can ensure the construction quality in the subsequent construction process, and everyone does not care too much about the taste problem.
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